General business relations


Culinary & Service Career is a personnel service provider that specializes in focusing on specialists and executives in the hotel, gastronomy and tourism sectors. These GTC regulate the conditions of cooperation between Culinary & Service Career and its clients.


Joint appearance

1.1 Culinary & Service Career is responsible for carefully screening and searching for applicants under the conditions of the job specifications. The goal is the direct placement of specialists and managers. The service contract is concluded between Culinary & Service Career and the client.

1.2 Either party may terminate the individual search assignments at any time. Cancellation is not bound to deadlines and is free of charge as long as no costs have been incurred in the form of travel, advertisements or the like.

1.3 An individual search assignment is concluded at the latest with the conclusion of an employment contract between the client and the applicant. This means that a temporary or permanent employment contract is concluded.

1.4 CSC assures confidential treatment of all data and information. These will be used and stored exclusively for the purpose of order processing and will not be passed on to third parties.

1.5 The Client may use application documents received only for the purpose of awarding the job. Application documents may not be given to third parties in that form (copy, written or digital). The application documents of rejected applicants must be returned in any form or destroyed (copy, written, digital).




2.1 Culinary & Service Career cannot guarantee the accuracy and completeness, nor the actual suitability of an applicant. The evaluation of applicants is based on information provided by the applicant himself or by third parties. If a damage occurs to the client, during the activity by the person placing the applicant, Culinary & Service Career is generally not liable. The client has no right to claim compensation. CSC cannot guarantee that a potential applicant will decide otherwise at short notice or will be placed elsewhere.



3.1 Culinary & Service Career guarantees 100% reimbursement of the placement commission if the employment relationship between the placing person and the ordering party is terminated within the probationary period. This does not apply to intermediary persons who are seasonal employees. In the case of seasonal employees, a period of 14 days applies, and this is not linked to probationary period under labor law.

3.2 If the employment relationship is terminated due to the employer’s legal violation, the client has no right to return the commission.


    Terms of payment

    4.1 Invoices to Culinary & Service Career will be issued after the contract has been signed with a proposed candidate and are due within 14 days of the invoice date. It should be noted that the placement commission is not due until after the probationary period, if the client so chooses. The payment will be settled in full after the trial period.

    4.2 The conclusion of a contract with a proposed applicant must be communicated to Culinary & Service Career by the Customer in writing (e-mail is sufficient) within one week. If the employment contract is concluded on terms other than those agreed upon or if the proposed applicant is hired for a different position, this shall not affect Culinary & Service Career’s fee.


    Placement fee

    5.1 The amount of the placement commission shall be determined by the gross annual salary plus statutory VAT. The agency commission shall consist of the net salary plus the statutory value-added tax. A claim to agency commission shall arise as soon as a contract is fulfilled.

    5.2 The agency commission shall also be due if the employment relationship is concluded up to 12 months after the presentation of the candidate. If the employment relationship ends within the probationary period and the applicant is rehired, the commission is also due.


    Final sentence

    6.1 German law shall apply exclusively to all legal relationships between Culinary & Service Career and the Customer. In the event that individual provisions in these GTC are invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain in effect. Culinary & Service Career shall confirm any deviations from these GTCs in writing. Modified and deviating conditions of the customer shall in no case become part of the contract, even if not expressly contradicted.